Sandstone, Mitspeh Ramon, Israel
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This Sandstone is set with Limoges porcelain. A true blend of two cultures, France (the creator's

birthplace) and Israel. Passionately exploring every corner of the country in search of the beauty of rocks, the creator reveals her unique and authentic craftsmanship. Each piece of jewelry is accompanied by an exclusive identification number and a personal note from the creator, adding a personal and warm touch to your experience.

Stone description


Sandstone is often associated with stability and grounding due to its formation in deserts and seabeds. It helps to balance emotions and promote peace of mind. It is sometimes used to soothe

strong emotions and encourage a calmer and more centered mental state. It also aids in

overcoming obstacles and persevering through life's challenges.

Technical specifications


Choker Necklace

Designed by Salomé Maarek

Handmade in Jerusalem

925 Sterling Silver Chain

Designed for use in the shower and pool. However, avoid saltwater to preserve the stone.

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