Between ceramics and glass, new technology and craftsmanship, hot and cold, the story of this glass begins. Travelling through the different regions of Israel, from north to south, east to west, this common stone material becomes a gem like a precious stone.

Depending on the pressure of the massifs, temperatures are inordinate, sediments become rocks. Clay becomes slate, mud consolidates into limestone and then marble. Rocks are deformed, crumpled and fractured.

In these fabulous deposits we find topazes, tourmalines and emeralds.

But what if we didn't wait for this time and used the rock in its raw state?

Between a geologist and a chemist, my research began. These chemical transformations inspired me to fuse two contrary materials : ceramics and glass. A thermal shock of two incompatible materials. A relationship that provokes crack and radiance. A goldsmith work, carving stone or, more specifically, carving glass. Shaping, sharpening, setting bring us closer to the jeweler work.

Between two dreamy and opposites worlds, my jewelry collection has came to life.

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