Sugar, a matter, a substance, white or brown color usually crystallized. Comes from sugar cane or sugar beet, it yields a thousand results. The magic words are : the dosage and the temperature. The matter retracts, inflates, blows, crystallizes... Blown, Drawn, Pulled, all these are similar to the glass-blowing techniques. This project was inspired around this resemblance.

The creative process develops through the technique and the search for new components. Bordering between a chemistry laboratory and an artist’s mailto:workshop, my research develops and questions itself. At first, The research did on the processes for developing different materials. She classifies the tools, test unexpected combinations and observe phenomena. The addition of these various ingredients produces plastic phenomena that gives rise to recipes. An environmental concern also animates my project. This allows combines experimentation with the practice of a savoir- faire : Glass Blowing. This involves collecting molten material from the end of a metal cane and blowing it into the pipe to inflate the glass and shape it.

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