A stone, a glass, a color, light or dark, the message: local. The project is a search for natural colors based on stones from different regions of Israel. From north to south, from east to west, the colors change, nuance, produce textures, bubbles. After a year and a half of research, colors appear and so does this glass. A naturally tinted and geo-localized glass: a glass made of stones.

From Stone to Glass project is a innovative technique to colouring the glass from a local terrain. Actually, the methods to color the glass are really toxic and not sustainable. The objective is to propose an alternative to the “classical way” of coloration to get a similar result by using sustainable materials. This local glass is sourced from common stone.

This coloring method gives several characteristics. First of all, it is high resistant up to 5 tons. In addition, it can undergo temperature changes without cracking. It is also sustainable with naturals colors from minerals without any chemicals added. Shaping, sharpening, cutting or even drilling the glass is a more sustainable alternative to the glass industry.

This colorant could then be used to replace gemstones on a large scale and be used for high jewellery industries or automobile industrie. It has the advantage due to its color of having the appearance of a jewel.

Between comfort and elegance, innovation and know-how, precision research on the beauty of the detail has been made.